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My work celebrates the infinite intricacies of the natural world. I am intrigued by the structure of trees, seed pods or rock formations, see weaving patterns in canyon walls, and thrill to the fine lacework of lichens on rock or bark. Color, contrast and texture are important elements in my work, as is dimensionality, whether implied through visual illusion or in actual form. My work captures fleeting moments in nature’s continuing cycle of creation, destruction and change. Growth, decay, eruption, erosion, and the interplay of light and shadow all provide inspiration for my creations.

For woven pieces, I weave in multiple layers using a variety of yarn fibers, and frequently paint on the yarn itself during the weaving process. I also work with woven sculpture and eccentric shaping, and often use clothing shapes as a framework for nature imagery, illustrating a connection and juxtaposition between the natural world and the human body. In non-woven sculpture, I use materials such as wool, flax fiber or sewing thread along with various construction techniques to build forms echoing those I find in the outdoors.



Textile artist George-Ann Bowers has created artwork for exhibition and commission for more than 30 years. Her formal training includes early studies at the California College of Arts in Oakland, as well as Fiberworks Center for the Textile Arts and Pacific Basin School of Textile Arts in Berkeley, California. More recently, she has studied fiber sculpture with Carole Beadle at the College of Marin in Kentfield, CA.

Bowers exhibits her nature-based work in venues throughout the United States, as well as internationally. International appearances include exhibitions in Belgium, Toronto, the UK, and China, in the 8th and 9th “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Biennale Exhibitions. She finds inspiration during frequent adventures in the outdoors, and has been an Artist-in-Residence at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon; Acadia National Park in Maine; the Grand Canyon; and at Denali National Park, Alaska. Her woven and felted piece “It’s Complicated” reflecting her experiences at Denali can now be seen in the Denali Park Visitor Center.

Bowers’ artwork has appeared in publications including Fiberarts magazine, the Surface Design Journal, and The Guild Designer’s Sourcebook series. She appears in several international compendiums of textile artwork, including Schiffer Publishing series Artistry in Fiber, Vol. 1-Wall Art and Vol. 2-Sculpture (Ann Lee & E. Ashley Rooney, eds., 2017) and Dimensional Cloth: Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists (Andra F. Stanton, ed., 2018). Bowers’ artwork is included in the collections of King County, Washington and Home News Enterprises of Columbus, Indiana and the US National Park Service, as well as in private collections. She continues to travel and to explore the world of nature through artwork in her Berkeley studio.


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